Innovative Wellness Imagery: Showcasing Strength and Flexibility for LesMills Presentations

Innovative Wellness Imagery: Showcasing Strength and Flexibility for LesMills Presentations

Embrace Modern Fitness: Our Latest Photography and Design for the largest fitness center in Europe

Starting September with new challenges

The vision

Our latest photography and design project focused on creating a modern and stylized sports advertisement. The goal was to attract an audience interested in wellness and fitness by combining aesthetic appeal with a message of holistic well-being. Commissioned by Fitness Sports, the largest sports center in Europe, this work was part of the presentations for LesMills in September.

Crafting the Storyline

Our storyline centered around the concept of holistic wellness—integrating mind, body, and spirit. We envisioned a powerful yet serene image that could convey both energy and tranquillity. The use of vibrant blue tones was intentional, symbolizing calmness, focus, and rejuvenation, while the dynamic pose of the subject illustrated flexibility, strength, and the continuous pursuit of self-improvement.

Promotional content for this campaign (left: refreshed campaign for later months; right: official September advertisement)

Behind the Scenes

The creation of this image was a meticulous process. We collaborated closely with fitness experts to ensure the pose was not only visually appealing but also accurately represented the fitness routines promoted by LesMills. Our lighting designers used advanced techniques to create the futuristic blue illumination that highlights the subject’s musculature, adding depth and contrast to the overall composition. The black circle and diagonal light beams were carefully positioned to draw the viewer’s eye and suggest movement and energy.

The Outcome

This project resulted in a visually compelling advertisement that successfully communicates the essence of holistic well-being and modern fitness trends. The innovative use of color, composition, and lighting created an image that stands out and resonates with an audience keen on both physical and mental wellness.


The campaign with Fitness Sports for the LesMills presentations in September showcased our ability to blend artistic vision with practical fitness messaging. This project highlights our commitment to producing high-quality, modern, and effective advertising materials that cater to the evolving trends in wellness and fitness.