PANDORA Project’s website: revolutionizing aircraft technology

PANDORA Project’s website: revolutionizing aircraft technology

We focused on creating a compelling narrative for its new website.


The vision

The PANDORA Project aims to revolutionize aircraft technology by developing and validating open fan engine concepts. This initiative targets significant reductions in weight and emissions, addressing climate and environmental concerns. The collaborative effort brings together prestigious institutions, including Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, DLR, SAFRAN, École Central de Lyon, and London Imperial College, reflecting a united front in the pursuit of carbon-free aviation.

Crafting the Website

To effectively communicate the goals and progress of the PANDORA Project, we focused on creating a compelling narrative for its new website. The storyline was crafted to highlight the project’s innovative approach and commitment to sustainability. Through detailed sections, we presented the technical aspects and environmental benefits of the open fan engine, ensuring the content was accessible to a diverse audience.

Left (Screenshots of the official website – Above (Example of poster advertisement)

Behind the Scenes

Designing the PANDORA Project’s website involved extensive collaboration and creativity. We worked closely with project stakeholders to understand their vision and objectives. This process included numerous brainstorming sessions, wireframe development, and iterative feedback loops. Our goal was to create a digital platform that not only informs but also inspires, showcasing the project’s potential to transform aviation.

The Outcome

The result is a visually striking and highly functional website that serves as the digital hub for the PANDORA Project. The new corporate look, including the logo, reflects the project’s forward-thinking ethos and commitment to a sustainable future. The website effectively communicates complex scientific concepts in an engaging manner, promoting transparency and fostering public interest in carbon-free aircraft technologies.


The successful launch of the PANDORA Project’s website marks a significant milestone in our collaboration with leading academic and research institutions. By providing a dynamic platform for sharing updates and results, we support the project’s mission to advance eco-friendly aviation technologies. Our work underscores the importance of strategic design and storytelling in driving awareness and engagement for groundbreaking initiatives.