World Rugby Summit 2024: Capturing the Heart of the Game

World Rugby Summit 2024: Capturing the Heart of the Game

Create master pieces that resonates with both players and fans for World Rugby Summit 2024

World Rugby Summit 2024: Capturing the Heart of the Game

The vision

Our vision for this rugby composition was to capture the raw intensity, emotion, and spirit of the game. We aimed to go beyond the physical action on the field and delve into the deeper, often unseen elements that make rugby such a compelling sport. The goal was to create a piece that resonates with both players and fans, highlighting the dreams, aspirations, and silent roars that fill the spaces between the action.

Crafting the Storyline

Crafting the storyline for this composition involved a deep dive into the world of rugby. We focused on the moments that often go unnoticed – the quiet determination before a tackle, the fleeting expressions of triumph and despair, and the camaraderie that binds a team together. The narrative was designed to flow seamlessly between high-energy action sequences and more introspective, emotional moments. By juxtaposing these elements, we sought to highlight the dual nature of rugby – both a physically demanding sport and a powerful emotional journey.

Examples of promotional content based on the photographies taken from the shooting

Behind the Scenes

Creating this composition was a labor of love that involved a dedicated team of artists, photographers, and rugby enthusiasts. We spent countless hours on the field, capturing the essence of the game from multiple angles and perspectives. Special thanks go out to the rugby players who participated, bringing their passion and energy to every shot. Their commitment to authenticity was crucial in bringing our vision to life. The process also involved meticulous editing and sound design to ensure that every frame and every note contributed to the overall impact of the composition.

The Outcome

The outcome is a rugby composition that goes beyond the surface to explore the deeper layers of the sport. It captures not only the physicality and skill required but also the emotional and psychological aspects that are integral to the game. The composition highlights the emptiness around the action, which is not void but filled with the echoes of dreams, aspirations, and silent roars. It is a testament to the unspoken hymns of victory and defeat that resonate within every player and fan.


We are incredibly proud of this rugby composition and the story it tells. It is a celebration of the sport and the people who live and breathe it. By focusing on the negative space, we have created a piece that sings the unsung hymns of rugby, offering a new perspective on the game. We believe this composition will inspire and resonate with everyone who loves rugby, reminding them of the deeper connections and emotions that make the sport so special.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this project. We look forward to sharing this composition with the world and continuing to explore the many facets of rugby through our creative work.