Interpretation Services for elMonte de Piedad Event

Interpretation Services for elMonte de Piedad Event

Providing interpretation and cultural engagement services for elMonte

Uniting Voices: El Monte de Piedad Cultural Engagement Event

The vision

We are thrilled to announce that elMonte has engaged us to provide interpretation and cultural engagement services for an important event at the Fundación del Monte de Piedad, located in Plaza de las Descalzas. Our mission is to facilitate effective communication and cultural understanding during this significant gathering.

Crafting the Experience

Our role is to ensure that all participants can fully engage with the event’s proceedings. This involves not only language interpretation but also providing cultural context to enhance the understanding and appreciation of the event’s significance. Our goal is to bridge communication gaps and support a seamless dialogue between attendees.

Above (Pictures of the attendees during the meeting)

Behind the Scenes

The event was attended by notable figures such as the Secretary General of the Asociación Nacional de Casas de Empeño (Anace) and the Head of El Monte de Piedad. Held at the historic location of Plaza de las Descalzas, this event underscores the rich legacy and ongoing relevance of El Monte de Piedad in providing credit services. We meticulously prepared for this event, understanding the specific needs and objectives of the attendees.

The Outcome

Our interpretation services significantly contributed to the event’s success. By facilitating clear and effective communication, we enabled the distinguished guests and participants to fully engage in discussions and activities. This event not only highlighted the importance of El Monte de Piedad in the community but also strengthened the bonds of cooperation and mutual understanding among stakeholders.


We express our sincere gratitude to El Monte for their collaboration and trust in our services. Being part of such a pivotal event was a privilege, and we are proud to have contributed to its success through our expertise in interpretation and cultural engagement. We look forward to continuing our work in supporting meaningful and effective communication at important events.